Combine honey and cinnamon and what do you get? A variety of all-natural remedies for different issues that many people face in everyday life! No matter what remedy is needed, maybe for a cough or a pimple, honey and cinnamon make one killer combination using their antiviral and antibacterial properties to heal whatever issue you’re facing.

  1. Cough and Cold Remedy
    If a nasty cough and cold have you down, this all-natural cough syrup just might do the trick and have you back on your feet. One cup of honey, one teaspoon of cinnamon, a little freshly squeezed lemon juice and a quarter cup of lukewarm water combine to save you from nights of endless coughing. Take one or two teaspoons of this cough syrup before bed and the mixture will coat and soothe your throat for coughing relief!
  1. Acne Treatment
    Whether you’ve got acne or just get the occasional pimple, if your skin isn’t responding to store-bought treatments, it’s time to open up your kitchen cabinets and give the all-natural approach a try. Honey and cinnamon’s antibacterial properties can target and fight off the bacteria or oil that causes acne. Create a thick paste by combining honey and cinnamon powder and apply it to pimples or problem areas. Leave the paste on for about 15 minutes then wash off with cool or lukewarm water.
  1. Reduce Stomach Acidity
    Acidity and indigestion can leave the stomach unsettled, resulting in an all-around uncomfortable feeling. Luckily honey and cinnamon can help with that too! A spoonful of honey and a little cinnamon powder will help support the correct functioning of your digestive system and stop stomach acidity from occurring. Take it before a meal if you’re eating foods that tend to cause this – or after a meal if it snuck up on you – for stomach relief!
  1. Insect Bite Cure
    Itchy and painful insect bites are the worst! Soothe the affected area by making a honey and cinnamon paste. Take one part honey to two parts of lukewarm water and add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to create a paste and massage it onto the insect bite. The pain and itchiness should be reduced within a few minutes.
  1. Treat Bad Breath
    If you’re having a hard time keeping fresh breath throughout the day, a homemade mouthwash is worth a try. Cinnamon will help to kill the odor causing bacteria, and honey’s antibacterial properties will help with that, as well as enhance the flavor of the mouthwash. Combine a little honey and cinnamon powder with warm water then gargle with it in the morning and afternoon to stay refreshed throughout the day!

While honey and cinnamon have been shown to have powerful healing properties thanks to numerous studies testing the specific issues listed above, Sue Bee Honey does not guarantee these homemade remedies will be effective for every person. If you have serious health conditions, or are worried how the duo may interact with your health, please consult with your doctor or physician.