SUEBEE® Honey Is America’s Honey!

Enjoy 100% pure American honey every day in your cooking and baking, for health and beauty, and as a healthy energy boost. By choosing Sue Bee Honey, you’re supporting the American honey bee, an important part of our ecosystem and agriculture, as well as the American farmer. Sue Bee Honey is produced by a cooperative of American beekeepers, the largest honey marketing cooperative in the world.


100% Natural

Sue Bee Honey is 100% pure honey plus it’s nature’s perfect quick-energy boost. It is fat-free and filled with healthy antioxidants. Browse our recipes and tips and see how much honey has to offer you!


A Natural Pairing

The Henningsens are a farm family, and Sue Bee Honey is produced by a cooperative of family farmers. We love the Henningsens’ music, and they love Sue Bee Honey.



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We Support the U.S.A. Honey Bee!

100% pure, all-natural American honey


Let’s Get Cooking!

Packed with antioxidants and natural sweetness, made by American honey bees on American family farms, SUEBEE® honey is a naturally sweet part of your life! From breakfast to dinner, appetizers to dessert, everyday meals to special occasions, Sue Bee has hundreds of delicious recipes!

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Honey Tip | Honey is slightly sweeter than sugar, so less can be used to achieve the same intensity of sweetness.