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Asian-Inspired Recipes Using Honey

One of the best things about food is that you don’t always have to travel to try cuisine from around the world. Asian recipes are very diverse - from sweet to spicy to both at the same time. We came up with a list of recipes from salads to main courses that will transport you

Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

Our Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce is the perfect addition to snacks like pretzel sticks, chicken tenders, french fries and more. Did we mention it’s easy to make? Simply whisk 5 ingredients together and serve.

Sue Bee Honey Trail Mix

If you enjoy classic trail mix, this is the recipe for you. Everything you love and anything you like can be added to our Sue Bee Honey Trail Mix. Having a party? Place each ingredient into a bowl with a spoon and give your guests a plastic bag to fill with whatever combinations they choose.

Honey Soy Glazed Chicken

Add a tasty twist to your family dinner with this Honey Soy Glazed Chicken recipe. The mixture of salty and sweet will have your taste buds singing. The best part is that it can be ready in just 30 minutes!  

Honey Banana Peanut Butter Wraps

Need breakfast on the go? This wrap is so easy, you can be out the door in five minutes! All you need is Sue Bee Honey, peanut butter, flatbread and you'll have a filling breakfast in your hand as you head out the door. 

Honey Mustard-Glazed Pork Tenderloin

If you're looking for the most delectable grilled pork tenderloin recipe, look no further. We've coated the outside with a rub that has the perfect amount of kick, along with a honey mustard glaze that brings out the full flavor of the tenderloin.

Honey Bottle Nighttime Bowling

One of the best parts of summer is when the sun goes down, the temperature cools and the fireflies come out to play. Whether you’re having friends over or need to keep the kids entertained, nighttime bowling is the perfect summer evening game. Forget the ugly bowling shoes and the over-priced alleys. In just 10

7 Frozen Treats to Beat the Heat

What's the best way to keep cool in the summer months? Frozen treats, of course! From popsicles to slushies, there are a variety of frozen snacks that are perfect for warm weather. The best ones, though, are sweetened with honey. Skip the frozen food aisle and conjure up one of these seven goodies to help keep your

Honey-Lime Rainbow Fruit Salad

Stay cool this summer with some juicy fresh fruit! Add some Honey-Lime Dressing on top of this fruit mix and your sweet tooth will be soaring. Our Rainbow Fruit Salad is perfect for a side to share at a family picnic. Everyone will love it!

Mango Frozen Yogurt

Our four-ingredient mango frozen yogurt screams summertime. You'll love the creamy Greek yogurt texture and real mango taste of this frozen snack. For all those berry lovers out there, replace the mangos with four cups of frozen strawberries!