If you’ve ever found yourself suffering from the discomfort of canker sores – those oral lesions that sting inside your mouth – there may be a home remedy you hadn’t thought of … honey!

Prevention laid out the results of a recent study published in Quintessence International that tested a group of 94 people suffering from canker sores and gave each group different treatments – one of which was honey. In just four days, all those who had used honey noticed their canker sores were gone. In fact, 95.5 percent of those who tested the honey reported a decrease in pain after just one day! The other two test groups had no such luck as it took both groups eight days to reach the same result. 

What made honey so effective? According to Peter Molan of the Honey Research Unit at New Zealand’s University of Waikato, “In the treatment of mouth ulcers, the main action would be from the anti-inflammatory property of honey. The potency of this can be seen if honey is used as first aid on a burn or scald—it takes away the pain within about 10 minutes, and redness and blistering do not develop.” 

Some types of honey also have strong anti-bacterial qualities that have shown to help wound healing – though the effects vary based on the way in which the honey is harvested.

So if you find yourself with the uncomfortable sting of one of these oral lesions, clean the sore with a sterile cotton ball before applying a dab of honey to the sore using a cotton swab. It just might be the relief you’ve been looking for!

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