As the temperatures gradually fall and the sun sets earlier, it’s not uncommon to feel the effects. Things like chapped lips, dry skin and sore throats are nothing out of the ordinary this time of year. But did you know that honey can be used to naturally help fight these and other cold weather issues that may arise? It’s true. Honey is one of the most versatile natural products out there and one of nature’s best all-around remedies. Here are a few cold weather uses for honey to try:

Make Your Own Lip Balm
Dealing with chapped lips during the winter months? Avoid spending $4 every time you’re at the checkout line and make your own lip balm. There are tons of instructions and recipes out there to try, but our favorite is this DIY Rose Petal Lip Balm from Popsugar. In addition to honey, it only requires a few ingredients – coconut oil, olive oil, vanilla extract, rose petals and beeswax – and the final product is a soothing and fragrant balm that will help keep your lips hydrated. 

Scrub Away Dry Skin
Combine honey with milk and orange juice to create your own moisturizer for dry or cracked skin. When applied to the skin, the honey essentially sucks moisture into the skin which helps relieve dryness while fighting off bacteria. The milk then helps to repair and rebuild the skin, while the vitamin C in the orange juice gives skin its elasticity and suppleness.

To make the scrub, combine 1 cup of slightly warmed Aunt Sue’s Organic Honey with two tablespoons of whole milk and the juice of a small orange. Mix the three ingredients well and apply thoroughly to the dry skin for approximately 45 minutes twice per day before rinsing away the moisturizer with warm water.

Soothe a Sore Throat
If you’re dealing with a cold or sore throat, try trickling honey down your throat and letting it slowly slide down for relief or mix in honey with a cup of hot tea. While the honey alone will not “cure” a sore throat or cold, it can help relieve discomfort naturally.

Strengthen Your Immune System
Be proactive and avoid getting a sore throat of cold before it even happens by adding one to two tablespoons of honey to a glass of warm water each morning along with fresh lemon juice and a dash of cinnamon. The combination has been shown to help strengthen the immune system and keep the flu and common cold away.