Bees make honey from flower nectar, so different flowers naturally give different flavors to the honey you keep on your shelf. More than 300 unique types of honey have been identified, but Sue Bee® Honey – which tests and blends honey in a state-of-the-art laboratory – makes it easy for you by offering variety, including Aunt Sue’s®. If you’re a fan of nature’s perfect sweetener, you owe it to yourself to try each one!

Sue Bee Clover Honey has always been the most popular kind, derived from white and yellow sweet clovers then filtered and blended to have the light color and delicate flavor that most of us know as honey. Packaged in several sizes and styles (the bear and no-drip table servers are favorites), clover honey is Sue Bee’s flagship variety.

Aunt Sue’s Raw Honey is honey from the nectar of wildflowers, so it’s darker in color and has an all-natural, robust flavor. It’s also unfiltered, so the pollen adds to the authenticity. Try this when you’re baking hearty bran muffins or granola bars for a full-bodied taste. When you’re glazing a meat dish, the darker color provides a richer caramelized appearance.

Aunt Sue’s Organic Honey is the ultimate in all-natural taste, and no wonder – it’s unfiltered and it comes from the nectar of organically grown plants. It’s perfect for dipping organic apple slices or for use in baked goods and other recipes you want to be all-organic.

Sue Bee Orange Honey is a pure, filtered product that gets its distinctive flavor from the nectar of orange blossoms. Chefs have known for centuries that the tang of citrus makes a wonderful complement to honey – try it in fruit salad recipes, in light frostings or in baked goods.

Sue Bee Spun Honey is pure, filtered clover honey – like the flagship variety – that has been allowed to granulate under controlled conditions. The result is a smooth, easy-to-spread texture that goes on toast like butter or jelly, without dripping or drizzling. It’s a breakfast favorite. If you’re a believer in applying honey to minor nicks and scrapes – honey keeps bacteria out and moisture in – Sue Bee Spun Honey is more convenient to use than the liquid form.

More ideas? Let us know your favorite kind of Sue Bee Honey and a way to use it someone else might enjoy!