Daily consumption of raw honey might offer relief for people who suffer from indoor and outdoor allergies. This comes from a study performed by research students at Xavier University in New Orleans, who found that allergy sufferers reported fewer symptoms after six weeks of consuming two teaspoons of raw honey per day.

The theory is that honey builds immunity against allergies in much the same way that vaccines create antibodies. In this scenario, bees carry pollen from allergy-causing plants back to their hives. The honey that comes from these hives is infused with pollen that, when regularly consumed, triggers an immune system response. The result is the buildup of antibodies that act as histamines to ward off symptoms of offending plant allergies.

It may take a few weeks for the response, called immunotherapy, to kick in. Therefore a month to six weeks of steady consumption is recommended before the user can determine if the process is working. To maintain the benefits of immunotherapy, regular daily dosage is recommended past the initial introductory phase.

Consuming at least two teaspoons of honey a day isn’t difficult when you add it to coffee, tea, lemonade and, of course, toast. For a twist on the traditional, try this simple honey-butter recipe on your favorite toasted bread: Whisk together four parts room-temperature butter with one part Aunt Sue’s Raw Honey or Aunt Sue’s Organic Honey.  For a more complex flavor, add a bit of vanilla extract or cinnamon. Enjoy!