Honey has been around for centuries and you might think of it as just another kitchen staple, but you may be surprised by how many health benefits you can get from that sweet golden liquid. Honey contains almost 600 compounds including antioxidants, probiotics and antibacterials, making it one of nature’s superfoods! Due to those 600 compounds, honey has gained a reputation for having quite the range of health benefits and healing properties. Here are a few reasons why honey should have a bigger presence when it comes to health and healing:

  1. Energy Booster
    Get rid of those energy drinks before you hit the gym! Having a spoonful of honey gives you a mixture of natural sugars and carbohydrates that are easily absorbed into your body to give instant energy and long-lasting effects. (Source: The Honey Association)
  1. Digestive Aid
    Honey contains a friendly bacteria that acts as a probiotic to help keep your digestive and immune system healthy. In addition to fighting bloating and constipation, honey is also used to help soothe and heal stomach ulcers. (Source: Health24)
  1. Cough and Cold Relief
    Studies have shown that honey eases coughs and calms inflamed membranes. According to WebMD, honey beat out a cough suppressant and antihistamine in suppressing nighttime coughs and improving sleep and it’s a healthier alternative for children. (Source: WebMD)
  1. Allergy Relief
    Though using honey to fight allergies is only a theory, it has been found to be persuasive enough that many endorse and use this natural method. Since honey contains the same pollen spores that set off allergies, introducing these spores into the body may help the body grow accustomed to their presence. This in turn may decrease the severity of allergic reactions, similar to how allergy shots work. (Source: How Stuff Works)
  1. Moisturizer
    Honey has many nutrients and enzymes and it draws moisture from the air into the skin for long-lasting hydration. This makes honey a great source for a face mask or to nourish the cuticles on your nails. (Source: Women’s Health)
  1. Reduces Scars 
    Honey’s antibacterial compounds help with tissue regeneration and to reduce scar tissue buildup. (Source: Women’s Health)
  1. Healthy Hair Aid 
    Honey can help condition or highlight your hair as well! Honey has nutrients and enzymes that give hair a healthy shine without weighing it down or leaving a residue. Honey’s hydrating properties also help to retain moisture and strengthen hair follicles. Plus, it’s a natural way to lighten hair. (Source: Women’s Health)
  1. Soothes Burns
    Not only does honey have antibacterial properties to help heal wounds, it has anti-inflammatory elements to soothe burns. (Source: The Dr. Oz Show)
  1. Source of Vitamins and Minerals
    Honey generally contains vitamin C, iron and calcium as well as other antioxidants and micronutrients. (Source: Organic Facts)

Please note that the results of these uses of honey may vary. Sue Bee Honey cannot guarantee such benefits.