Honey is one of nature’s most versatile natural products! Did you know about some of these honey uses outside the kitchen?

Combine 1 quart of warm quart with 1 teaspoon of honey until the honey is diluted and soak your hair in it after shampooing to give your locks a natural shine.

Wash your face by mixing a drop of honey with warm water in your hand and then rubbing the mixture all over your face.

Mix equal part of water, honey and vinegar in a bottle until blended and sip to help fight parasites.

Cover minor cuts, burns and wounds after cleaning with a drip of honey for a natural antibiotic ointment.

Say goodbye to pimples and whiteheads by covering each with a dollop of honey for 30 minutes before rinsing off.

Relax in the tub by adding honey and olive oil to your bath water for a moisturizing skin conditioner.

Add honey along with ginger and lemon juice to your tea or oatmeal to help calm nerves and settle an upset stomach.

Nourish chapped lips by combining honey, beeswax, olive oil and cocoa butter for a homemade lip balm.

Try eating a teaspoon of salted honey to help reset hormones that can cause insomnia due to adrenaline and cortisol.

Soothe your sore throat or cold by eating honey straight and letting it slowly slide down your throat for relief.