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Friday, October 19, 2012

Last Second DIY Costume Ideas


If you've put off shopping for a Halloween costume and now realize all the good costumes are gone, you're in luck. We've got three last-minute Sue Bee-inspired costume ideas that won't break the bank and are sure to make you stand out. 


Beehive Hair Costume


What you need:

- Shoulder-length to long hair

- 150 feet of yellow yarn

- Elastic band

- Bobby pins

- Black and yellow pipe cleaners

- Silk flowers

- Fake twigs

- Mini bee toys

Make it yourself!

(H/T Martha Stewart)


Classic Honeybee Costume

What you need:
Plastic headband
- 2 - 12" pieces medium gauge picture-hanging wire
- 2 - 1 1/2" white foam balls
- Yellow pipe cleaners

- Heavier gauge wire (enough to make two wing shapes) 
- White felt
- Tacky glue
- 1 yard 70" wide black felt
- 1/2 yard yellow felt 
- Black sneakers 
- Yellow paint
- Yellow marker

Make it yourself!

(H/T Cathy Callahan CRAFT articles by Cathy)


Beekeeper Costume


What you need:

- White wide-brimmed straw hat (or spray-paint a regular straw hat)

- Black tulle netting

- White seam binding

- Hot glue gun 

- Wire cutters 

- Millinery bees

- Duct tape 

- Metal bucket with handle

- Letter stencils

- Yellow paint pen

- Light-colored shirt

- Pair of painter's coveralls

- Pair of cotton work gloves with yellow accents 

Make it yourself!

(H/T Martha Stewart)