Pancakes With Blood Orange Honey Sauce
  1. 1/2 cup Sue BeeĀ® Honey
  2. 1 1/2 cups milk
  3. 3 tablespoons butter
  4. 1 egg
  5. 1 tablespoon white sugar
  6. 1/2 teaspoon salt
  7. 3 1/2 teaspoons baking powder
  8. 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  9. 8 ounces fresh strawberries
  10. 1 tablespoon butter
  11. 1 1/2 teaspoons cornstarch
  12. 1/2 cup blood orange juice
  13. Cooking spray
Blood Orange Honey Sauce
  1. In small saucepan, add Sue Bee Honey, blood orange juice and cornflour, whisk well until sauce ingredients are blended.
  2. Put saucepan over a medium heat and bring mixture to a boil, whisking occasionally and cook until sauce starts to boil, then remove from heat.
  3. Whisk in butter until completely dissolved into the sauce. Set aside and allow cooling until pancakes are ready.
  1. In a large bowl, add sifted flour, baking powder, salt and sugar, mix well and make a small well in the center of the bowl with the dried ingredients.
  2. Add the egg in center of the well, then add melted butter, slowly add milk and mix until smooth. (You may not need to add the entire 1 1/2 cups of milk, consistence of mixture needs to be smooth).
  3. Using the cooking spray, lightly oil pancake pan or non stick frying pan over medium heat.
  4. Once pan is hot, pour approximately 1/4 cup of pancake mixture onto the pan. Brown on one side of pancake then flip, brown other side of pancake, place cooked pancake onto a warm plate. Repeat this step until all the pancake mixture has completed. Note: Only flip once as pancake will become tough and not light.
To assemble
  1. Equally divided pancakes on four plates. Equally pour blood orange honey sauce on top of the pancakes and then add strawberries on top of the sauce.
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