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NASHVILLE, TN – (June 4, 2013) Country music’s rising new family trio The Henningsens have
partnered with a classic American brand, Sue Bee Honey®, America’s Honey® – the world’s largest
honey marketing cooperative and packer of 100 percent made-in-the-USA honey. Both have a deep
pride in generations of family and honest hardworking American-made values and traditions, which are
also represented in the band’s current Top 20 debut single “American Beautiful.”

“When we were approached about the partnership with Sue Bee Honey® we were so excited because
our farm has been in our family for seven generations,” said Clara Henningsen.

“We have a really large family,” said father Brian Henningsen. “My wife and I have 10 children. We
love the multigeneration aspect of farming and music. And that was a really good fit for us in partnering
with and becoming friends with the folks at Sue Bee Honey®. It is America’s Honey®, an American
company through and through.”

Henningsen also said, “The farm we live on has been in my family now for 142 years. The history, roots
and ‘grounded-ness’ that it provides is very special to us. It’s a very special thing, a very American
thing, to value that kind of multi-generational relationship and to want to build something that can be
passed to your children as a heritage. It’s really cool to be in a venture with a company (Sue Bee Honey)
like that.”

“It’s a natural fit for The Henningsens and Sue Bee Honey® to form a partnership because The
Henningsens are an inspiring American band, Sue Bee Honey® is America’s Honey®, and together they
are an ‘American Beautiful,”’ said Lisa Hansel, assistant vice president of sales and marketing for Sue
Bee Honey®. “The Henningsens and Sue Bee Honey® look forward to providing their loyal fans and
customers with 100 percent pure, all-natural American music and honey for generations to come.”

The Henningsens, consisting of Brian Henningsen and his son Aaron and daughter Clara, grew up on
their 1,700-acre working farm, which has been in the family since 1871, raising bees, corn, soybeans
and cows. It has offered The Henningsens a home and a livelihood, and at times school, playground, and
even birthplace. The Henningsens’ fresh, vibrant and unique music, coupled with traditional values, are
a natural alignment for Sue Bee Honey®, who – like the family trio, is committed to providing
consumers with the purest high quality American made product, whether it be music or honey.

The Arista Nashville trio, currently on tour with Brad Paisley’s Beat This Summer Tour presented by
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store®, recently released its self-titled digital EP release on May 28. The
EP includes the band’s current debut single “American Beautiful,” co-written by Clara, Aaron, and
Brian Henningsen and Brett Beavers.

“American Beautiful” is 17 and 18, respectively, this week on the Country Aircheck and Billboard
country airplay charts. It is the only new-artist debut single currently inside the Top 20.
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About Sue Bee Honey
Sue Bee Honey® is the branded product name for Sioux Honey Association, corporate offices located in
Sioux City, Iowa, and production facilities in Sioux City, Elizabethtown, N.C. and Anaheim, Calif.
Sioux Honey Association, founded in Sioux City in 1921, is a cooperative of more than 300 U.S.
Beekeepers producing honey in the U.S.

Sioux Honey Association has become the world’s largest honey marketing organization and Sue Bee
Honey is the most recognized honey brand in the U.S. Its global presence extends to the Middle East,
Far East, and South and Central America, and it continues to be a leader in the honey industry with
state-of-the-art facilities, which include research and development. Sioux Honey Association also is a
green company, which means Sue Bee products and containers are safe for the environment. The
Association strives to protect the ecosystem through recycling, innovative engineering, and cutting back
on over-packaging.

Sue Bee Honey®, whose members produce 20-25 percent of the honey crop in the United States, is
committed to packing and selling only pure American produced honey – meaning honey made by bees
owned by American beekeepers producing honey in the U.S. and pollinating U.S. crops. The company
values their family of employees, some of whom have been with the Sue Bee Honey® company for 30
to 40 plus years. Sue Bee Honey’s® individual cooperative members, located throughout the United
States, are all beekeepers with family-owned honey production operations who, like The Henningsens,
represent multigenerations of beekeepers. There is a heartland theme that runs throughout the music of
The Henningsens, as well as through vein of the Sue Bee Honey® company of employees and its family
of longtime beekeepers.