Honey is often used as a sweetener in all types of pie recipes from peach to pecan. We’ve rounded up 14 of our favorite pie recipes made with honey to help inspire you starting with one of our favorites … Sue Bee Honey Pecan Pie (pictured above)!

Kara Culpepper’s Honey Yogurt Pie with Honey Drizzle and Toasted Walnuts was an entry in our Sweet Eats Recipe Contest and is packed full of flavor!

Another entry from the Sweet Eats Recipe Contest was this Oatmeal Pie from Kathi Taylor!

The final Sweet Eats Recipe Contest entry we’d like to share is Tammy Brownlow’s delicious Country Spiced Honey Pear Pie!

The credit for this Salty Honey Pie recipe goes Melissa and Emily Elsen. It was featured on South Brooklyn Post and is the perfect dessert for Thanksgiving.

Everyone loves classic pumpkin pie but did you know it doesn’t have to come with the guilt? This Healthy Honey Pumpkin Pie from Miss Make is made with healthy ingredients but doesn’t compromise taste!

No list of pies would be complete without an Apple Pie. We’re excited to share this Paleo Living Magazine’s version that will leave you feeling satisfied and free of guilt.

For the sophisticated home chefs, we recommend trying this Brown Butter Salted Honey Pie from Kinfolk that’s full of delicious flavors!

If you prefer your pie to have a bit of a crunch, we suggest trying Better Homes and Gardens’ Honey Nut Crunch Pie.

Agriculture.com has a tasty recipe for Honey Crunch Chocolate Pecan Pie that anyone with a sweet tooth will enjoy.

If your taste buds prefer fruit pies, how ’bout this Honey-Balsamic-Blueberry Pie from Southern Living? It’s full of great-tasting flavors that foodies will love.

This Paleo Coconut Cream Pie from Living Healthy With Chocolate is another tasty recipe that won’t leave you feeling guilty this Thanksgiving.

While it may be a staple of summer, a nice slice of this Strawberry Pie from The Unrefined Kitchen will bring a smile to your face.

Finally, try this Honey Caramel Peach Pie that is featured on epicurious.com for a great-tasting treat.

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